Facials and Peels

Casmara Expert Derma Peels

€120 (or €360 for a pack of 4 Sessions)

Casmara peels are a combination of acids that when applied to the skin, spark an exfoliation of the top, middle and deepest layers of the skin. A peel encourages the renewal of the layers of the skin, causing faster cell exchange and stimulating the dermis to produce new structural fibres and components in the extracellular matrix. The peels action causes the skin to regenerate and renew significantly improving the elasticity and firmness of the skin.

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Natural Lift Facial Massage


Natural lift facial massage is a combination of ayurvedic massage, facial reflexology, acupressure massage and lymphatic drainage.

During this treatment specific movements will help target tight muscles, reduce puffiness, help to plump out lines and wrinkles, brighten the skin and promote overall relaxation of the body and mind.

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O2 Jewellery Peel (Brightening)


Storyderm O2 White Professional Program

Skin brightening facial provides the skin with excellent exfoliation and helps eliminate hyperpigmentation.

Refined Diamond Powder & Gluconolactone brighten the skin’s surface, fights skin fatigue, improves blood circulation in cells, and gently removes keratinized particles. Diamonds, the hardest of all gems, make excellent exfoliators. When ground into fine microparticles, diamonds help to remove dead skin cells which not only helps to brighten the skin, but also to stimulate collagen production, reduce the appearance of sun damage, and provide deep hydration.

The peeling supports the youthfulness of the skin, eliminates wrinkles and folds and evens out blotches. It activates metabolic processes in cells and accelerates the renewal and regeneration of the epidermis.

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Time Machine Peel (Natural Microneedling)


Storyderm Timemachine Professional Program

Skin peeling treatment initiates the renewal processes in the cells of the epidermis, repairing damaged areas with specially purified sea sponge spicules.

The composition remains in the skin for 72 hours with 2-5 days of skin shedding and activates metabolic processes to activate cell division, and accelerate tissue regeneration processes.

Reconstruction of epidermal layers through direct microstimulation of the dermis, the spicules nourish the cells in all layers of the epidermis and tighten the skin.

Reduction of keratinized skin and pigmentation lightens skin tone. Excellent for pore reduction, acne, scars & ageing. Reveal new, firmer & clearer skin.

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Princess Peel


Storyderm Princess Shine Professional Program

24-hour skin detoxification treatment with golden micro spicules. It polishes the skin and smoothes wrinkles, rejuvenates & treats acne.

Its components activate fibroblasts, counteract glycation and regenerate, improve elasticity by increasing the level of collagen and elastin, balance facial tone and strengthen capillary walls, and restore elasticity and tone to the skin.

All structures of the epidermis are regenerated and renewed, which leads to a beautiful result: firm, fresh and smooth skin, a healthy complexion. It is recommended both for mature skin for rejuvenation and for skin prone to inflammation.

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Clinic A Facial (Acne Treatment)


Storyderm Clinic-A Professional Program

This is a Skin purification treatment for acne-prone skin. It removes impurities from the pores and excess sebum without irritation. Thoroughly clarifies the face, effectively fights acne, reduces open pores, creates a protective barrier, reduces inflammation and improves skin texture.

Dissolves impurities without damaging the epidermis, nourishes and repairs damaged tissue. The patented active formula based on plant extracts of black ginger, aromatic ginger, peony, green tea and peptides helps treat acne with a strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect.

Depending on the severity of the acne, the Princess Peel or the Timemachine Peel is performed.

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