Casmara Advanced Microneedling

€200 (or €700 for Pack of 4 Sessions) Full Face

Casmara advanced microneedling gives you all the benefits of microneedling with the added benefit of feeding highly concentrated active ingredients in the form of biological ampules directly from the needling pen deep into the skin. Microneedling stimulates collagen and elastin production increasing firmness and elasticity, fades and corrects dark spots and pigmentation reduces the appearance of pores and enhances the penetration of active ingredients.

There are 3 treatment options with Casmara Advanced Microneedling:


Instawhite uses a potent cocktail of acids and patented ingredients that lighten existing pigmentation and restrict the skin’s ability to produce melanin preventing further pigmentation from occurring. This reduces the size and colour of dark spots and pigmentation and evens the skin tone.

Age Reverse

Combines complex Botox-like ingredients to relax the facial muscles and reduce expression lines. It also contains anti-ageing Vitamins A, B1 and B6 and super hydrating Hyaluronic acid to firm skin, improve the appearance of wrinkles and reduce the appearance of expression lines. Resulting in firmer, younger-looking skin.

Radiance Vitamin

Brightening, revitalizing, anti-fatigue vitamin protocol which intensely brightens the face and prevents photo ageing. It provides the skin with all the necessary nutrients and energy that it needs to look radiant. This is an ideal treatment for those recovering from illness, those who feel they look continually tired or anyone who has a big event coming up and who wants glowing skin.