Semi Permanent Microblading

PhiBrows is a manual, semi-permanent technique of realistic eyebrow drawing in which the shape of the eyebrow is calculated according to facial proportion. The technique is intended for anyone over the age of 18 who wants to correct the aesthetics of their eyebrows.

The PhiBrow consultation is carried out at the start of the 2 hour initial treatment. At this stage we discuss eyebrow design and desired result. The pigment is applied to the surface layer of the dermis using a sterile disposable tool and is chosen to match the natural eyebrow colour in realistic hair-like strokes.

The healing is fully completed after 28 days and the client will come back in for a mandatory 1hr top up appointment. Here we apply an obligatory addition of the pigment to refresh and perfect the brows. With problematic or oily skins, this may require additional sessions. Mild anaesthetic is applied during the treatment to eliminate discomfort, which most clients compare to the sensation of plucking the eyebrows.

The success of the treatment depends on the :

• Skin quality

• Post-treatment aftercare

• Exposure to different external factors

All of these factors are out of the artist’s control, so any possibility to provide guarantees for the treatment is excluded.

Contraindications: If you are pregnant, breastfeeding or undergoing chemo the treatment cannot be carried out.